Does it feel like you just can't seem to communicate with your partner - and you want to be able to communicate, feel heard, and valued? 

Has there been an affair or betrayal - and you want to get past this?

Are you feeling disconnected - and want to feel passion again? 

Are your actions not lining up with your values - and you want to know why that is?

Not sure if you want to leave or stay - and you need some guidance? 

Let me help you manage conflict and learn how to express yourself in an effective way.


From dating to marriage, I can support you.

dating & Engaged

Are you dating and thinking about becoming engaged, but not quite sure if you are ready? I can help you by offering some clarity and guidance.

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Are you looking to fine tune your relationship? Let me teach you and your partner the skills to communicate effectively with each other.

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Just because your partner won't come, doesn't mean you can't. Let me help you gain insight and understanding one-on-one.

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Arrow Therapy uses the latest research and treatment modalities to help you address obstacles that are getting in the way of your relationships.


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