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The Enneagram 

Understanding the Enneagram will help you understand what motivates you and what drives your behavior. 

Gaining a deeper understanding of your type will help: 

  • Empower you to make changes in yourself and your relationships. 
  • You will have better relationships with the people you are around and love 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamics - strength areas and trouble spots 

Each type will bring an area of giftedness as well as an area of avoidance. 

Overview of the 9 types: 

Type 1: The Reformer: Motivated by the need to live their life the right way and to avoid anger.

Type 2: The Helper: Motivated by the need to feel loved and to avoid self care.

Type 3: The Motivator (or Achiever): Motivated by the need to achieve success and to avoid failure.

Type 4: The Individualist (or Romantic): Motivated by the need to experience their feelings, to be understood, and to avoid being ordinary. 

Type 5: The Investigator (or Thinker): Motivated by the need to understand everything and to avoid looking foolish. 

Type 6: The Loyalist: Motivated by the need for security and to avoid fear. Phobic 6's are outwardly fearful and seek approval where counter-phobic 6's confront their fear. 

Type 7: The Enthusiast (or Adventurer): Motivated by the need to be happy and to avoid suffering and pain.  

Type 8: The Challenger (or Leader): Motivated by the need to be self-reliant, strong, and avoids feeling weak.  

Type 9: The Peacemaker: Motivated by the need to keep at peace and avoid conflict. 


My favorite Enneagram resources: 

"The Wisdom of The Enneagram" by, Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson

"The Enneagram Made Easy" by, Elizabeth Waggle and Renee Baron

Enneagram Assessment 

The Enneagram Institute 

The enneagram types at the dinner party video


Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of yourself or your relationship?