1 Thing To Consider After Getting Engaged

We are officially in the holiday season, which means lots of couples are likely going to be getting engaged! So, if you are reading this post because you are newly engaged... Congratulations! And, if you are reading this post for other reasons...Thanks for stopping by!

Over the next few months many couples will be getting engaged and then the exciting part comes...Planning the wedding!! One thing that often gets overlooked in the wedding planning process is preparing for the actual marriage!  Investing in the wedding day itself is fantastic, and it will be one of the best days of your life!  However, you might want to consider investing in your future, as well.  Premarital counseling does just that. It will set you up for a successful marriage!  After all, deciding to get married is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.  Preparing for the marriage will help you better understand and make sense of the challenges you might face as a couple,  as well as enhance the things you are already good at. Plus, if you ask any married couple they will say that marriage takes a lot of work...oftentimes, hard work.  I don't want to sound too depressing, but there is a reason that half of all marriages end in divorce.  Because, like I said, marriages can be a lot of hard work!

You might be wondering what is involved in premarital counseling.  I've included some of the things that most premarital counselors will cover:

  • Most premarital counselors will give you a customized couples assessment through prepare/enrich
  • You will learn more about your relationship strengths and growth areas
  • You will look at different ways to enhance your communication and conflict resolution styles
  • You will gain additional information around sex, money, personal habits, as well as more insight around each other's family of origin
  • You might also learn more about each other, your future goals, dreams, and wishes.
  • And, if you live in the state of MN you will qualify for a reduced fee marriage license. 

Adding premarital counseling to your budget, and taking the time to schedule premarital counseling might be one of the best, if not the best investment of your future!